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Included here are:
1 - Instant Coffee Container
Pair of Salt and Pepper Shakers
3 - Coffee Mugs
1 - Creamer
3 - Coffee Cups
8 - Saucers
3 - Goblets
4 - Dinner Plates
7 - Salad Plates
5 - bowls
6 - Berry Bowls
3 - Oval Casserole Dishes
1- Utensil Holder
Price comes to approximately $1.50 each piece. Some pieces have more wear than others. I tried to weed out any pieces with damage. If I am short or missed damaged pieces I will take off $1.50 per piece. Some people don't mind a little chip here or there. You can have those pieces for free if you want them but as far as I can tell the 47 pieces for sale here are undamaged. Can be purchased in Milford by appointment. MS
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