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Property for sale with 80.000 m2 located in the Algarve, 11 km north of Tavira, Cachopo´s direction, with 360º view, protected area. Privileged location.
Wavy land with plantation of meandering pine and cork oak, with other trees such as carob trees, olive trees, fig trees, cypresses, casuarinas etc..
Two dams for collecting rainwater.
Water catchment hole with pump, licensed for irrigation and housing supply.
Covered area of 200 m2, currently being 100 m2 of housing and the remaining area used as work studio. The construction is from the 90´s.
Solar panels energy with autonomous system. 1000 Kg propane gas tank which currently supplies the house and the ceramic studio ovens.
Property with great potential, special for nature lovers .
Price on request. Contact : mostrar inf. contato

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